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The SECRET WEAPONS of the Logies!

Posted on April 10 2013

It will be no surprise to you girls that there was no shortage of SECRET WEAPONS on the Logies Red Carpet this year! It takes more than a month of clean-eating, rigorous skin regimes and Pilates toning to get those red-carpet looks!

Now whilst we don’t really know what is going on under these gorgeous runway-worthy looks, lets take a little cheeky speculation about the secrets to red-carpet glamour….

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Nudi Boobies are must for Kate Ritchie’s gorgeous black floor-pooling lace gown. The backless and strapless bra, Nudi Boobies ensure that we have an uninterrupted view of Kate’s well defined collar bones and bring the focus to that stunning neckline!

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It wouldn’t be a Logies fashion round-up without Brynne Edelstone! In this interesting fringed and sheer frock, the only breast support Brynne could be wearing is Invisilifts! Invisilifts are invisible, clear self adhesive breast tapes that lift your breasts up to 5cm to give you the ultimate gravity-defying support!

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For the ultimate confidence in a gown like this, Kat Stewart must be relying on a little fashion tape. Stick It Rescue Tape ensures that that neckline stays just where she wants it!

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For va-va-voom cleavage on this scale, Mandy McElhinney must be getting a little help from every girls best friend, Chicken Fillets! Perfect for making a statement at special events, our silicone bra inserts are a surgery-free boob job!

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A Nudi G is the only way Carrie Bickmore could pull off this flawless watermelon coloured mermaid gown! For the ultimate VPL-free tooshie and svelte silhouette, you need a very special, super-soft seamless knicker!

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Magdalena Roze’s gorgeous strapless look with just the perfect décolletage must be the work of our best selling Nudi Bra! Backless and strapless, our Nudi Bra is the bra you wear when you’d rather go without!

Now I wonder….. what secrets do the blokes employ to ensure they are red-carpet ready? Tell us what you think girls!


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