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Boob Lift Tape



Boob Lift Tape, our flexible fabric tape supports breasts of all shapes and sizes.

Our Boob Lift Tape will create all the cleavage, lift, contour and bra-free support you need! Our 5 metre roll is available in nude/skin and black colours.

Our bra-free Boob Lift Tape is super strong and comes in a generous 5 metre roll.

Accompany Boob Lift Tape with our Headlight Dimmers to protect your most sensitive areas.    

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Cut, trim and tape your breasts for any dress or occasion with our Boob Lift Tape!

  • Hypoallergenic & latex free
  • Easy to apply
  • Moisture resistant for ultimate comfort & confidence
  • Lift, flatten, boost, or create cleavage with Boob Lift Tape!


  • Clean skin of all moisturisers & powders before applying
  • Cut Boob Lift Tape to deired length
  • Remove backing tape to reveal the adhesive
  • Place the tape under your breast and lift and smooth the tape to your breasts
  • Repeat steps until you achieve the look you are after


  • Pre-test on your breasts for 4-6 hours for skin sensitivity or allergies    
  • Do not apply over broken, damaged or sunburnt skin
  • Discontinue use immediately if redness or irritation occurs.


  • Remove Boob Lift Tape gently & slowly. Support the skin when peeling off the tape slowly (do not rip the tape off like a band-aid)
  • Using baby oil or moisturiser will break down the adhesive and assist with a smoother removal   

Boob Lift Tape Composition

95% Cotton 5% Spandex with Acrylic Adhesive  

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