Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of enquiries about our fantastic products. Here at Secret Weapons we know that when it comes to getting noticed, it’s important to know which product will give you the best results! So here are our most asked questions to help you shop with us and choose the right Secret Weapon for you!

1.How do I know if I need a Nudi Bra or Nudi Boobies?

Great question! Whilst they may sound similar they are actually really different! Firstly, our Nudi Bra has a fabric outer shell that comes in either nude or black. Our Nudi Boobies are made of 100% nude coloured silicone, so they are super-soft to touch and feel just like the natural breast and can increase your bust by up to 1 cup size.

We like to think of our Nudi Bra as the bra you wear when you don’t want to see bra straps or bra lines and Nudi Boobies is the bra you wear when you don’t want to wear a bra at all! Both our Nudi Bra and our Nudi Boobies offer superior adhesion, lift and support with the added benefit of fantastic va-va-voom cleavage.

2.How do I know what size Nudi Bra or Nudi Boobies to buy?

That’s easy! Nudi Bra and Nudi Boobies come in cup sizes A through to D, so simply buy the same cup size as you would a standard bra. If you are in between cup sizes it is best to go for the larger size.

3. Should I buy Chicken Fillets or Bosom Buddies?

Now that’s a good question! Both our Chicken Fillets and Bosom Buddies are made from high grade silicone and are perfectly transparent. Our Chicken Fillets are specially shaped to sit under and to the side of the breast and offer a significant increase to your bust size. Some girls achieve up to two additional cup sizes!

Our Bosom Buddies are perfect for larger breasts that need lift or smaller breasts that need oomph. They are fantastic for girls who just want that extra bra filler to create show stopping cleavage or lift. Our Bosom Buddies are loved by girls who like their breast size, but love to get noticed!

4.How do I wear my Chicken Fillets?

Lots of girls ask us how to wear Chicken Fillets. Wearing Chicken Fillets is easy, just put them in your bra, along the bra underwire line, under and to the side of your breast. Our Chicken Fillets are specially designed with an impression for the breast to sit in, making it super easy to get fantastic va-va-voom results!

5.Do Invisilifts really work?

With gravity defying success – yes! Girls who use Invisilifts tell us that they are great for really low cut tops and frocks when you want lift with a no bra look!  The trick is all in the application of the Invisilift to the breast. Our Invisilifts lift your breast from the top for an elevated and natural shape. Transparent and waterproof, they are especially great for wearing under swimwear! Go to product.

6.Do the Nudi G and Nudi Knickers come in black?

Not at this stage! But with the success of our sensational barely-there Nudi G and Nudi Knickers we may look to bring out alternative colours! Girls tell us that what they love most is that our nude coloured Nudi G and Nudi Knickers give them a panty-line free look with any outfit.

7.Can I wear Secret Weapons under my wedding or bridesmaids dress?

Absolutely! Lots of brides to be and their bridal party look to Secret Weapons to make sure they get noticed on their special day. Nudi Boobies, Invisilifts, Bosom Buddies and our twinkle toes range are a big hit with brides and their special bridesmaids!

8.Are all gel-type foot accessories the same?

Quite simply no! Twinkle Toes Invisible Gel Cushions by Secret Weapons are the only 100% silicone Gel Cushions on the Australian market, giving you superior comfort for as long as you are on your toes!

9.Why would I want Fashion Tape on a roll?

Because it offers you more options! Stick It fashion tape from Secret Weapons comes on a handy roll dispenser so you can choose the length you use. You’ll never have to join up strips of fashion tape again with our generous 5 metres of Stick It fashion tape! Our cute and unique dispenser also fits right in your handbag for on the run fixes and cover-ups!

10.Do Secret Weapons offer an online gift wrapping service?

We sure do! For just an extra $5.00 we will wrap and complete a gift card for you so that your Secret Weapons recipient knows how much you care!

11. Do Secret Weapons offer corporate discounts?

We know that every fashion show needs its Weapons so if you need a bulk order of Secret Weapons products for your fashion show or event, please contact us.

12. What do I do if I am having trouble placing an order online?

Contact us and we will be more than happy to take a phone order for you.

13. Is it safe to use my credit card online to make a purchase?

Buying online with Secret Weapons is extremely safe and secure. We use the eway global payments processing system to provide maximum security to our online customers. As well as eway you also have the option to make payments via paypal.   

14. What does it cost to ship my order?

All the details regarding Shipping and Delivery can be found here.

15. Do Secret Weapons ship overseas?

We sure do! By ordering online, we can have your desired products shipped to you anywhere in the world. View our shipping and delivery costs and details here.

16. How do I register with the Secret Weapons website?

To register your details and create an online shopping account simply click the register link and follow the steps. We will keep you up to date with emails on the latest hot new products, Secret Weapons news and promotions.

17. I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

No worries! If you have forgotten your password click on “forgot password” within the login page. Simply enter your first name and email address and we will send you an email containing your new password. You will be able to use this new password to login to your account and modify it from your account page.

Cant find an answer to your question?

If you didn’t find what you were looking for here, please contact us. We’d love to help you with your enquiry.

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