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Our Boob Tape is totally invisible and the first ever roll that creates a totally clear breast lift. Boob Tape is super thin and perfect for a backless and strapless dress when wearing a bra is just not an option! 

Use our medical grade waterproof Boob Tape to lift, separate, flatten, boost and create the lift, bra-free support, contour and confidence you need!

Our Boob Tape is a fantastic braless way to lift your best assets and create amazing boob lift, support and cleavage. And girls, it works for every bra cup size! 

After years creating medical grade adhesives for intimate applications, we have developed the world’s first totally invisible Boob Tape roll! 

Wearing white? No problems, our crystal clear Boob Tape is super discreet. Wearing lace? Don’t sweat it, our Boob Tape will stay where you put it all night long. Going sheer? Our Boob Tape is so thin, even you’ll forget it’s there! 

Cut, trim and tape your breasts for any dress or occasion with our generous 5 metre roll of totally clear and discreet Boob Tape! Accompany Boob Tape with our Headlight Dimmers to protect your most sensitive areas.      

Advantages of using SECRET WEAPONS Boob Tape:

• Hypoallergenic 
• Easy to use & remove 
• Lift, flatten, reduce movement, boost, or create cleavage with Boob Tape!

 Boob Tape Application Instructions

♥Clean skin of all moisturisers & powders before applying
♥Using sharp scissors, cut “Boob Tape” to desired length
♥Remove paper backing that says “Peel Off”
♥Apply tape to body
♥Remove clear outer tape along the pink strip
♥Repeat steps until you achieve the look you are after


Test a patch of tape on your skin prior to use. Remove the test patch after 24 hours to confirm if a reaction occurs. If irritation or redness is evident, discontinue use immediately.

Do Not

♥ Use Boob Tape on irritated, sunburnt or sensitive skin
♥ Use Boob Tape longer than six hours
♥ Use Boob Tape if pregnant, or lactating
♥ Use Boob Tape if you have known reactions to band-aids or any other type of adhesives 
♥ Use if you have known skin conditions including eczema or psoriasis

Removal of Boob Tape

♥Remove Boob Tape gently & slowly. Support the skin when peeling off Boob Tape slowly 
♥ Using baby oil or moisturiser can assist with a smoother removal




Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great Support

WOW....Once I got the hang of placing the tape in the right spot to give me the best look, it was amazing. I love that it is clear and the tape itself is very soft. I have used it so many times now, as I have many outfits that require a NO BRA look. XX

crazy good

how good is this invisible boob tape,i cannot believe how smooth it and yes it is 100% clear,its like having absolutely nothing on,i have got all my besties onto this tape and i hope i get a few free rolls with my next

best titty tape ever

I cannot believe how good this invisible titty tape is.It's thinner than I thought and I love how smooth it is.I had no problem throughout the entire night.Awesome product!

Demi McKellar

This tape is amazing!! I have G-Cup Boobies and no tape has ever worked. I had serious doubts this wouldn’t work but I was wrong! I can now wear backless and low cut tops/dresses. Seriously love this stuff!!!

CLEAR & super soft

This tape is the best... its clear and very soft, almost like your own skin. I also liked that it was not visible through my outfit. Once you get the hang of putting it on, its easy as! xx

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