Low Back Bra Extender



Our Low Back Bra Extender is the Bra Strap Extension solution for Low Back Dresses!

The Low Back Bra Converter instantly converts any back-closure bra, perfect for use underneath low-back tops and dresses. The adjustable Low Back Bra Strap Extender connects to your bra strap’s hook-and-eye, and wraps around the front to create a low-back design.

The Low Back converter caters for all shapes and sizes given the length of our adjustable strap.   

Our Low Back Bra Extender has a total adjustable bra strap length of 99.0cm.  

To use:
1. Connect the Low Back Converter to your bra’s back closure straps
2. Bring the Low Back Converter Straps around to your front and fasten
3. Adjust the Low Back Converter by using the slide adjustment for comfort

One hook-and-eye making it suitable for 1, 2 or 3 hook closure bras.

Available in nude, black and white colours.

Care: Hand wash & line dry

And the Best Part? Go Lo by Secret Weapons goes unnoticed to ensure you won’t!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
perfect when you need a low back look

This bra strap extension was perfect for hiding my bra straps.It is easy to adjust and the extender is nice and long so I had no problem applying it to my bras.My straps didnt move all night after being fitted.

easy to apply and comfy to wear

Very happy with my purchase as this bra strap allowed me to pull off a rather revealing frock.It is easy to apply and adjust once you get the hang of it and very comfy to wear.

Thank God for a proper adjustable bra extender strap!

This is the only style bra strap extender that caters for big boobs as it has a proper adjustable strap that is actually long enough.This bra extender is well designed for women like me with big boobs as it allows me to wear my favourite bras when I go strapless

hides straps no problem

Worked really well for my formal as I was able to hide the straps of my bra.Cool little product.

Perfect for low back dress

Purchased these for a work event as I wanted to wear a favorite bra of mine with a backless dress. These were perfect.

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