Bra Strap Cushions


SKU: SW024

Bra Strap Cushions are shoulder bra strap pads made of high-grade super-soft silicone providing you with unprecedented shoulder comfort from painful bra straps!

Just slide your bra straps into our specially designed bra strap holder channels for instant pain relief, eliminating deep shoulder grooves as well as the prevention of bra strap slippage!

Our non slip Bra Strap Cushions are super discreet and ultra effective.

Our re-usable soft Bra Strap Cushions are ideal for everyday wear and will ensure that every bra you own is super comfortable. Available in nude sand white colours.

And the Best Part? Secret Weapons Bra Strap Cushions go unnoticed to ensure you won’t!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Comfy cushions

These bra cushions are comfy on and give me the support I need as I have a large bust.They sit on my shoulder with no slipping and it is easy to attach your bra straps

Life changing!

These Bra Strap Cushions are life changing!!! I have big boobs and the straps are like cheese wire on my shoulders giving me headaches and shoulder pain. I cannot tell you how much relief I have had wearing them and if only I had known about them years ago....

they don't slip

These are much better than the material ones as they don't slip and you don't know you have them on. Would prefer in a clear colour if possible.

Great Support

Given my size I need these bra cushions to prevent shoulder pain from my bra straps.These are wonderful as they are soft and provide the support I need.

discreet and comfortable

Love the softness and how these Bra Cushions feel.Perfect for my bras.

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