Chicken Fillets Bra Inserts - enhance your cup size!

Posted on July 18 2016

What are Chicken Fillets Bra Inserts?

In short,Chicken Fillets Bra Inserts by SECRET WEAPONS are the world’s best alternative to a costly, painful boob job! Better than a padded bra, Chicken Fillets are capable of increasing your bust size by up to 2 cups!


Chicken Fillets Bra

Are Chicken Fillets just for volume?

No! Chicken Fillets are great for those seeking to even out breast size, enhance and deepen cleavage, and lift the breasts. We recommend that you experiment with the position of your SECRET WEAPONS Chicken Fillets to maximise results.

How did Chicken Fillets get their name?

The original and the best, SECRET WEAPONS Chicken Fillets are named after their likeness to edible 'chicken fillets'. With a natural, fleshy feel and contoured shape they sit comfortably in any bra to increase volume and cleavage.

What are Chicken Fillets made of?

Chicken fillets are made from a medical grade silicone gel that feels natural to the touch. Coated with a sheer protective polyurethane exterior, they are reusable, waterproof and washable. 

Are Chicken Fillets Breast Enhancers safe?

Absolutely! Chicken Fillets are safe to use inside a bra or swimwear for all day va va voom cleavage and maximum bust volume! 

How do Chicken Fillets breast enhancers stay in place?

Correctly inserted in a well fitting bra, your Chicken Fillets breast enhancers will stay in position. While some girls prefer the protection of adhesive fashion tape to prevent movement, they will reliably stay in place all day and all night long! 

Are Chicken Fillets invisible when in use?

Yes! Our unique, clear silicone enhancing fillets are invisible under even the sheerest of lingerie. With smooth, tapered edges, they form a seamless junction between the natural breast and the bra. 

Are Chicken Fillets comfortable to wear?

They most definitely are! With a natural feel and contour, it’s easy to forget that they’re even there! So go on, get yourself the most painless boob job out there for va va voom cleavage!  Buy SECRET WEAPONS Chicken Fillets here! 

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