The essential purse sized Lint Roller!

Posted on November 09 2015

Roll your way to a polished and lint free life with the ultimate reusable, washable silicon Lint Roller for removing lint and pet hair from clothing and accessories.

Perfectly purse-sized, the Lint Roller in the cutest hue of pink keeps you lint, dust and pet hair free where ever you are, at home or in the office, day or night!

With so many uses for our super cute, ultra pink, foldaway, lint remover - just one Lint Roller is not enough!

Use our Lint Roller in the office:

• To remove the dreaded pet hair on your pants before walking into your meeting!
• To remove pencil shavings that made it onto your sweater!
• To clean up crumbs from your morning tea bickie!

Use Lint Roller at home:

• To remove tissue and washing powder residue from freshly washed and dried clothes!
• To remove cat hair before walking out the door!
• To clean crumbs from this mornings toast from your blouse!

Use Lint Roller in the car:

• To freshen up your suit jacket!
• To remove dog hair from the passenger seat before you pick up your mother-in-law!
• Pick up dirt and debris from the drivers seat for a clean ride home!

Completely reusable and washable, you can clean Miss Lint under warm running water until the roller is clean. Gently rub away any dirt & debris with your fingers or use a small amount of dish soap as required. Allow to dry before re-using.

And because we know you’re going to love your Lint Roller as much as we do, remember to always treat her well. Do not clean Miss Lint with ammonia, bleach, alcohol, or any other liquid cleaning product and try not to leave her dirty for extended periods or in direct heat.

Need a little lint removal in your life? Tell us where you would use a Lint Remover in your life!

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