High heel protectors for your grass event!

Posted on August 21 2015

With the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival just around the corner, it’s time to get your fashion secrets and essentials out of the closet and ready for race day!

Here are our top 5 tips for standing out in the crowd this Racing Carnival:

1. Plan your underwear as meticulously as you plan your outerwear.

Exposed bra straps, strapless bras that give you double-boob, and G-strings and knickers that create muffin top, prevent a well planned outfit from looking it’s best.

• Hide bra straps with Bra Clips.
• Opt for an invisible bra for the ultimate bust support, lift and cleavage with ZERO slippage.
• Choose Nudi Knickers,skimpier than a boy-short, side-seam free knickers in barely there nude for a flawless VPL-free look in any outfit.

2. Hold it all together!

Revealing a little cleavage is sexy, but revealing the lot? Hmmmmm? Opt for a classically classy race day look by revealing just the right amount of flesh, in only the places you choose!

• Tame wardrobe malfunctions with Fashion Tape. Our famous fashion tape keep fabric on fabric, or fabric on skin for a flawless look that’s all held together!

3. Get your footwear right!

Being trackside means lots of time on your feet. Forget blisters and pain, foot burn and toe-space rubbing with foot protection designed to last!

• Banish blisters and pain with Heel Guards, the ultimate all day heel protection for race day feet.
• Stop the gnawing burn of foot pain from stilettos with Gel Foot Cushions. Our super soft, 100% silicone footpads give you all day comfort and support!
• Relive rubbing and blisters from sandals with toe-posts with Toe Cushions toe protectors,100% silicone toe-post guards.

4. Don’t aerate the track – they have green-keepers for that!

Piercing the turf with stiletto heels is risky for limb and shoe! And those chunks of dirt and turf on your heels? Well, they’re a sight for sore eyes!

High Heel Protectors for stiletto shoes from SECRET WEAPONS are diamond faceted heel gems that cap stiletto heels, preventing them from piercing soft ground surfaces such as grass, gravel and firm sand. Available in crystal clear and black, our high heel stoppers are easy to put on with a unique patent pending fitting system ensures that they can accommodate heels measuring 6mm to 13mm in diameter.

5. Don’t be a Cinderella!

After a long day in heels, there’s nothing better than slipping out of your heels, but feeling the track in bare feet is no look for a lady! Plan for the commute home with comfortable, alternative footwear that keeps you safe on your feet.

• Our super comfy, take anywhere Fold Up Ballet Flats  are the no-stress solution to getting home in style! Light weight and flexible, our ballet flats fit in your handbag for anytime, anywhere, comfort and foot pain relief!

So tell us, what’s your best fashion secret for surviving the Racing season?


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