Which Stick On Bra is best for you?

Posted on April 07 2013

When it comes to Stick On Bras we often get the question; “but without back and shoulder straps, isn’t it easier to go without a bra all together?”.

The answer is simple. No. Besides the modesty and comfort offered by a backless and strapless bra, they can add volume, cleavage, lift, contour, evenness, shape and most importantly support.

With so many options available for backless bras, it can be almost impossible to pick the one that will work best for you, your needs and your outfit. So let’s break this down…

Backless and strapless bras are great for the obvious: BACKLESS dresses, tops and playsuits. 

But they’re also great for: Halterneck tops, strapless dresses and bandeau style tops where you want to eliminate the shoulder straps (and the sneaky peak of your bra strap at the back!).

But probably the best reason to go with a backless and strapless bra is that they offer fantastic support, cleavage and eliminate the need to ‘hitch’ your bra up! Yes, that’s right, adhesive backless and strapless bras stay right where you put them, no creep, no squeeze and no pinch under the arms!

At SECRET WEAPONS we believe that every girl should have a stick on bra that works with everything in their wardrobe – that’s why we stock two of the most versatile bras on the market; Nudi Boobies and our Stick On Nudi Bra.

So how do you choose the SECRET WEPAONS backless and strapless bra that’s right for you?

  1. Consider the outfit you want to wear it with – does it need to be backless, strapless or both?
  2. Does your bra need to add volume?
  3. Does your bra need to offer you cleavage?
  4. Do you need your backless and strapless bra in black or barely there nude?

So what’s the difference between our two bestselling backless and strapless bras? It’s simple, Our Nudi Boobies backless and strapless silicone bra is made of silicone and offers you the added advantage of adding volume to your breast. Our Stick On Nudi Bra is your all purpose fabric covered backless and strapless adhesive bra that comes in two great colours, black and barely there nude.

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