Australian Designed High Heel Protectors!

Posted on January 19 2014

Our Australian designed high heel protectors are taking the country by storm!

Designed with races, garden parties and weddings in mind, our high heel stoppers make standing on the grass safe, easy and gentle on your favourite stilettos!

Gone are the days of aerating the lawn, scraped stiletto heels and clumps of unsightly turf stuck to your designer shoes!

Loved by brides, the bridal party and party guest alike, there has never been a better time to party outdoors as the Aussie summer heats up!

Use them when wearing stilettos:

  • At garden weddings
  • At garden parties
  • At backyard BBQ’s
  • At the racetrack
  • On the deck
  • When walking on cobblestones or through gravel
  • In heritage or domestic homes with hardwood or parquet flooring
  • Anywhere you want to protect your stiletto heels from damage and dirt!

Heel Protectors prevent high heel stiletto shoes from sinking in the grass

Our gorgeous diamond faceted heel gems, cap stiletto heels, preventing them from piercing soft ground surfaces such as grass, gravel and firm sand. They are also ideal for protecting your heels from getting wedged in the gaps in timber decking, and are perfect for protecting heritage and domestic timber hardwoods and parquet flooring, where ‘pock-marking’ can occur from stiletto heels!

Our specially designed heel stoppers have a unique patent pending fitting system that can accommodate heels measuring 6mm to 13mm in diameter, protecting your high heels from the damage caused by dirt and grass.

Available in crystal clear and black, our Stiletto Stoppers stiletto heel protectors are easy to put on, and even easier to take off and store in their own handy little drawstring pouch. Suitable for keeping in your bag or purse,

Stiletto Stoppers are a perfect bridal shower gift or race day party favour!

So if you need to protect your heels, your grass, or your timber floors, get Stiletto Stoppers heel protectors today!

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