Low Back Bra Extender for low back dresses!

Posted on January 17 2017

Have you got low expectations? Well the answer is here – Go Lo by SECRET WEAPONS is the must have Low Back Bra Extender for all those gorgeous Spring-time low back tops and dresses.

You can now Go Lo with our adjustable low-back bra converter that instantly converts any back-closure bra. Our fully adjustable Go Lo connects to your bra strap’s hook-and-eye, and wraps around your front to create a low-back design.

Bra Converter

 Turn your standard bra in to a low back bra in three simple steps:

  1. Connect Go Lo to your bra’s back closure straps
  2. Bring the Go Lo’s straps around to your front and fasten
  3. Adjust the Go Lo using the slide adjustment for comfort

Our one hook-and-eye design makes Go Lo suitable for 1, 2 or 3 hook closure bras. Simple and comfortable to use, Go Lo is the fast and efficient way to make your standard bra do more! For the ultimate bra converter, get Go Lo online today!

Our top 5 tips for using your Go Lo Low Back Bra Converter

  1. Adjust your Go Lo using the slide adjustment for fit and comfort.
  2. Loosen your bra’s shoulder straps to get an even lower result with your Go Lo.
  3. Attach Go Lo’s single hook and eye to the middle hook on a 3-hook bra, or the top hook on a 2-hook bra for best results.
  4. Wear our Skinny Mini over your Go Lo to control rolls and bulges. Providing the ultimate, smooth silhouette, your Go Lo will love our Skinny Mini.
  5. Sneaky peeks are easily controlled with our Stick It Fashion Strips. Use them between your bra and clothing is your bra loves its ‘privacy’.

Go Lo bra converter by SECRET WEAPONS is available in Nude, black and white. Please hand wash and line dry your Go Lo Low Back Bra Converter for a lifetime of low bra expectations!


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