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Posted on February 05 2017

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. EVERY wardrobe needs a stick on bra. That’s right. Even yours.

Stick On Bra

The go to solution for backless tops and dresses, shoe string strapped singlets and body hugging event wear, our stick on Nudi Bra gives you’re a flawlessly smooth silhouette without the tell-tale lumps and bumps of bra straps.

Easily applied to clean, dry, moisturiser-free skin, our stick on Nudi Bra stays in place all day, or night long, for strap-free support and ultimate cleavage.

But don’t just believe us! We asked 3 women why our Nudi Bra is their go-to choice for backless and strapless support.

Jamie, 19, Retail Worker: I’ve tried other stick on bras, but my Nudi Bra is the only one that provides me with coverage for a D-cup. The sizing of some brands was more like a nipple cover than a bra. A true D-cup size, Nudi Bra goes on easily and with a bit of practice and positioning achieves fantastic cleavage if that’s the look you’re going for.

  • Ease of Use: Could it be any easier? Peel off the adhesive covers and apply while bending forward for best results. I place the cups wide to maximise my cleavage and feeling of support.
  • Sticking Power: I wouldn’t want it any stickier! Stayed on all night even through some vigorous dance moves.
  • Support: It’s not like the support of a conventional bra, but it’s pretty close once you realise it’s there to stay.

Kelly, 25, Part time Actress/Server: I was genuinely surprised when I tried the Nudi Bra for the first time. I was actually surprised I hadn’t bothered to give it a go sooner! After a couple of trial runs, I know exactly where I prefer to stick the Nudi Bra’s cups for the best support for me. I haven’t tried other stick on bras, but this one does the job and comes off clean.

  • Ease of Use: Anyone can do it! Where you position the cups is purely personal and the centre clasp lets you control how much cleavage you create.
  • Sticking Power: It’s really sticky! I was worried that the sticky part would peel off, but it doesn’t. The more you use your Nudi Bra, the less sticky it becomes, but it’s easy to wash and regenerate the adhesive. I’ve been using mine on and off for around 10 months now and it’s still sticky.
  • Support: I don’t need a lot of physical support, but I prefer the comfort of knowing I’m “covered up”. The Nudi Bra also provides a smooth shape that you don’t get going bra-free.

Maddison, 22, Student/Retail: I absolutely love my Nudi Bra, I couldn’t live without it. I have it in black and the nude colour. It’s become my go-to-bra for summer as it’s cool, comfortable and strap free and with the current off the shoulder trends, it’s now a wardrobe essential. I could get away with just the nude colour, but the black one is handy for darker body form tops and dresses.

  • Ease of Use: I’ll admit it was a bit scary using the first time, but I don’t even think twice about applying it now. I’m also really confident in the product and know that it’s going to stay where I put it – until I remove it. If you have sensitive skin, it might not be the bra for you and you have to be careful about the products you use, as it won’t stick if you’ve got moisturiser on your skin. After you get over that first time, you won’t think twice about using it. It’s as simple as peel, stick and clasp.
  • Sticking power: I get several wears out of mine before I wash it, so I would have to say, very sticky!
  • Support: I think it all depends on your application and size. I find it provides excellent support, but I wouldn’t run in it!

But Jamie, Kelly and Maddison aren’t the only girls raving about our best selling stick on bra. Check out Nudi Bra’s 5-star reviews:

Stick on bra reviews

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