Chicken Fillets Silicone Bra Inserts really are life savers!

Posted on August 06 2013

Not only are our Chicken Fillets Silicone Bra Inserts cheaper than an off-shore boob job – they could save your life!

The Huffington Post reported on 11.11.11 that “Small boobs saved a woman’s life when her bust-boosting chicken fillet bra inserts took the impact from a near-fatal car crash.” It was suggested that when doctors peeled back Lisa Somerville’s bra to look at her injuries, they saw destroyed bra inserts and realised that the chicken fillets, made of silicone gel, had prevented Ms Somerville’s ribs from have piercing her heart.

Chicken Fillets Bra Inserts

In a double irony, Ms Somerville reported that she “was doubling up, wearing four chicken fillet inserts altogether!” The head-on collision gave the Scottish mum-of-one a punctured lung, cracked rib and a broken nose, but she walked away with her life!

Whilst we don’t recommend substituting your car airbags for Chicken Fillets bra inserts, there’s no escaping the fact that a great pair of Fillets offer an immediate and affordable way to add fullness and cleavage to your bust line without surgery!

Our specially designed silicone bra inserts by SECRET WEAPONS contour to your body, complementing your natural silhouette and adding up to a cup of additional ‘boost’ and cleavage! The specially contoured shape of our Chicken Fillets inserts follow the natural line of the breast and can be positioned underneath or to the side of the breast to give dramatic cleavage and bust effects without the elusive “double boob” that can result from many of the bra inserts on the market.

Super lightweight, soft and transparent, Chicken Fillets are perfect for even the laciest of bras and swimwear.

How Do You Wear Chicken Fillets Silicone Bra Inserts?

  1. Select a bra that has enough coverage to contain the silicone bra inserts and your breasts completely inside the cups – no one wants a sneaky peek at either of your assets!
  2. Position the thickest part of the bra insert at the base of your bra along the underwire – your breast should rest within the shaped depression of the contoured Chicken Fillets.
  3. Adjust the position of your bra inserts to push your breasts up, and closer together.
  4. Ensure that your bra inserts are in the same position in each bra cup – we don’t want any wonky donkeys!
  5. Lean forward and let your breasts settle into the bra inserts. Ensure that the bra inserts are completely contained with your bra and will not slip out of place.
  6. If the bra inserts do move, try a different bra, or support the inserts with Fashion Tape to hold them in place.
  7. Enjoy the va-va-voom cleavage created by Australia’s favourite breast enhancers.
  8. If necessary, hand-wash your Chicken Fillets with warm water and a mild soap and allow to air-dry.

If you have any questions about our Silicone Chicken Fillets Bra Inserts or any other SECRET WEAPONS product, get in touch with us.

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