Review the full range of push up bras!

Posted on June 19 2013

A comprehensive review of push up bras to support your favourite backless dress! 

 1. Stick On Bra: with no straps, bands, hooks or eyes, these wonder under garments are designed for backless and strapless fashion.

2. Adhesive Bra: clear adhesive bra forms that are used on the top, or underside of the breast, to provide support under clothing that is unsuitable for bras.

3. Bandeau Bra: the simplest bra in the family, the bandeau is literally, just that, a band of elastic material!

4. Built-in Bra: support features built into another garment such as a swimsuit or tank top. Designed to provide support for the bust without the need for a separate bra.

5. Convertible Bra: the multifunctional bra with straps that detach for arrangement in various ways depending on the outfit.

6. Corset Bra: designed to shape the body and support the breasts under couture gowns.

7. Cup-less Bra: basically a bra without the Cups! All the framework of a bra is there, minus the cups covering the breasts.

8. Demi Bra: a half-cup bra style that maximises lift and cleavage. The Demi is perfect for lower cut garments.

9. Front-closure Bra: designed to lie completely flat on the back under clothing, this bra is fastened at the front, rather than at the back.

10. Full support Bra: this one does it all! Designed for maximum support all day, everyday.

11. Mastectomy Bra: designed for a prosthesis, the cups of the mastectomy bra contain soft pockets which hold a prosthesis in place.

12. Maternity Bra: a wireless bra offering confortable support for the breasts.

13. Minimiser bra: designed to compress and shape the breasts, minimiser bras can reduce the appearance of breast size by up to 2 cup sizes.

14. Novelty Bra: there is nothing functional about this member of the family! Often made from coconuts, leather or other materials, they are designed to please rather than perform.

15. Nursing Bra: designed for breast-feeding, they are made with fabric flaps that can be unclasped or pushed to the side, whilst maintaining support of the breasts during breastfeeding.

16. Padded Bra: just as described, padded cups contour and smooth the breast. In some cases they can also offer the illusion of additional volume.

17. Peephole Bra: the peephole bra features holes around the nipples for exposure.

18. Push-up Bra: designed to lift and enhance cleavage, most contain padding or gel filled pads strategically placed under and to the side of the breast.

19. Racer-back Bra: the shoulder straps of the racer-back bra form a “V” on the back. Offering additional support, many sports bras have racer-back styling.

20. Shelf Bra: with only an under band and shoulder straps, the shelf bra is designed to provide lift to the exposed the breasts.

21. Soft-cup Bra: containing no underwire or support structures within the bra, the soft-cup bra relies on the under band and elasticity of the fabric to provide support.

22. Sports Bra: designed to provide maximum support for the breasts, many include extensive fabric technology to minimise breast bounce whilst exercising.

23. Strapless Bra: all the technology of the modern day bra without the shoulder straps makes this bra ideal for halter neck tops and frocks.

24. T-shirt Bra: seam free, the t-shirt bra is often lightly padded to conceal nipples and provide a smooth line under t-shirts.

25. Training bra: simple in construction, the training bra is designed to transition young girls into full time bra wear.

26. U-Bra: featuring a unique U-shaped plunge centre, the u-Bra is designed for clothing with plunging necklines.

27. Underwire Bra: designed to provide support and comfort, the underwire bra contains metal or plastic supports running beneath the cups to provide rigid support.

28. Water Bra: bra’s with silicone or gel-filled cups to give the illusion of larger breasts.

So now you’ve met the whole Bra family, who is your favourite?

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