Dress Tape Secrets!

Posted on May 09 2013

Some secrets are worth sharing and with so many uses for our fantastic Dress Tape, we are spilling the beans on our top 25 uses for Stick It Rescue fashion tape!

Dispensed straight from the roll, Stick It Rescue Double Sided Fashion Tape can be cut as short, or as long as your want to keep fabric on fabric on fabric on skin! Our generous 5 metre roll of fashion tape will ensure you never get caught revealing more than you should!

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Fashion Tape - 5 Metre roll of Double Sided Body Tape

 Here are our  favourite 25 uses for Stick It Rescue Fashion Tape:

  1. Secure revealing necklines
  2. Secure belt ends
  3. Hold a scarf in place
  4. Keep pendants facing the right way around
  5. Hide bra straps
  6. Prevent your bikini from slipping
  7. Manage pocket ‘gape’ for a more flattering silhouette
  8. Customise your hem length for different shoes or occasions
  9. Hold leg warmers in place
  10. Prevent silky head scarves from sliding off
  11. Keep halter tops in place
  12. Attach body jewellery and crystals
  13. Hold blazer cuffs in place
  14. Secure a wrap top or dress in position
  15. Stick collars down
  16. Attach temporary hat trims
  17. Roll and secure jeans in place
  18. Manage shirt ‘gape’ on button through shirts
  19. Keep layers in place
  20. Hold your sarong up
  21. Create cardigan lapels
  22. Keep strapless tops and dresses where you want them
  23. Hem pants and jeans temporarily
  24. Roll it onto your hangers to keep garments from slipping off
  25. Use to stick pic’s of your boyfriend, dog or your mum on your bathroom mirror

What are your Stick It Rescue Tape secrets girls? Do you have any creative uses for our super popular, always handy Stick It Rescue Fashion Tape?

We want to know…..

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