10 Great Reasons to have Foldable Ballet Flat Shoes on hand!

Posted on November 18 2016

We’ve taken the walk of shame and turned it into a strut of style with our super cute, always handy,Foldable Up Ballet Flats!

Made with super-soft PU leather and soft elastic uppers, we can guarantee that our little purse-sized lifesavers will never cut into your feet! And, unlike the competition, our Foldable Ballet Flat Travel Shoes are designed for regular wear with a real sole for all terrain and weather comfort! No disposable one-nigh-stands here girls! Our Fold-Up Flats are made to last! 

Fold Up Flats

Designed to fit snugly into their own little purse pack, Fold-Up Flats are the perfect addition to your office, handbag, glove box and suitcase! And if the walk of shame isn’t your style, keep Fold-Up Flats:

  1. At the office for a quick, but comfortable lunchtime walk
  2. In your handbag for the commute home
  3. At your Mum’s house for those times she pulls the “you’re not wearing those shoes!”
  4. In your glove box for that one bar that says “no flip flops please!”
  5. In your carry-on luggage for the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever fly in!
  6. In your sports bag for impromptu post work-out wine with friends!
  7. In your clutch at your next wedding – they’re perfect for the dance floor!
  8. At your boyfriend’s for the most versatile, ‘goes-with-anything’ shoe
  9. In your evening bag for when your killer heels take their toll
  10. In your wardrobe – because these little Fold-Up wonders beat ugg boots for comfort and style! 

With a true-size fit for Aussie women, our Fold Up Flats accommodate wide feet and come in four go-with-anything colours! 

These Foldable Ballet Flats Shoes feature:

  • Classic toe shape
  • Soft faux leather upper for all weather
  • Moisture wicking insole
  • Lightweight, skid resistant split sole
  • Gorgeous, colour-matched purse pack with concealed tote bag

Our Fold Up Travel Shoes are available in:

  • Midnight Black
  • Silver Glitz
  • Sahara Pearl
  • White
  • White Bride


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