Extenders and cushions for all bra straps!

Posted on May 07 2018

Bra Extenders and Bra Strap Cushions for all bra  straps!

Let no bra go unloved!

Whether it’s too tight, too small, too wide or too strappy, not strappy enough or with straps in all the wrong places, we have a solution to extend or convert your bra to something bold, something great….. something new! 

Our exclusive range of bra extenders, low back bra converters, clear bra straps, bra strap cushions and bra clips give every bra in your top drawer a chance to be the one! 

Bra Extenders – Give you wiggle room!

Need a little more bandwidth? We’ve got you covered with two, three and four hook bra extenders in white, nude and black. Attaching to the hooks at the back of your bra, our bra extenders give you up to 5cm more wiggle room in your favourite bra! Detachable and reusable, customize your bra for maximum fit and comfort with our super-soft, extenders with brushed backing. 

Low Back Bra Converter - Go Lo for backless beauty!

Instantly convert any back-closure bra for use underneath low-back tops and dresses. Our adjustable Low Back Bra Converter connects to your bra strap’s hook-and-eye, and wraps around the front to create a low-back design. Simple to use, just connect Go Lo to your bra’s back closure straps, bring the Go Lo’s straps around to your front and adjust and fasten for comfort. Our simple, one hook-and-eye design makes it suitable for your 1, 2 or 3 hook closure bras. 

Bra Strap Cushions – Softer than a cloud!

If you’re carrying a load, Bra Strap Cushions in barely-there nude will provide unprecedented comfort from painful bra straps. Made of high-grade, super-soft, non-slip silicone, our super discreet, but ultra effective, re-useable, Bra Strap Cushions slide onto your bra straps for instant pain relief, elimination of deep shoulder grooves and prevention of bra strap slippage! 

Bra Clips – Racer back style for every bra!

Are your bra straps falling off your shoulders? Are they showing where they shouldn’t? Are you a racer-style kinda girl? Put bra straps in their place with our super strong, super discreet Bra Clips. Available in traditional and heart designs, these ingenious little wonders help you to hide unsightly bra straps, boost your assets and create a deep sexy cleavage. Available in three packs in clear, nude and black to suit every bra and occasion, they are a great way to maximise the support of any bra. 

Clear Bra Straps – For invisible support!

Clear Bra Straps are the bra straps you wear when you rather go without! Our invisible Bra Straps are super thin, ultra strong and very discreet! Replace the shoulder straps on any bra with our detachable clear bra straps for that barely there look, with all the comfort and support of your favourite bra. At 9mm wide, these little miracle wonder will ensure your special outfit looks just right!

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