Designer Shoe Stickers for your soles!

Posted on November 30 2013

With heels getting ever more sky-high, we thought there had to be a way to add a little soul and personality to those towering soles!

Stiletto Skins designer soles are the easiest way to give your soles some soul! Our specially designed, water resistant, adhesive sole film is applied to the soles of your stilettos for designer looks that are as unique as you!

Developed using the strongest and most advanced sole adhesive film on the market, Stiletto Skins are completely removable, leaving no sticky residue – so you can change the soul of your soles as often as you like with Stiletto Skins by SECRET WEAPONS.

Looking to put a little soul into your Saturday night outfit? Deck your stiletto soles out in one of six great sole sticker designs from SECRET WEAPONS, and when Monday morning rolls around, peel ‘em off in time for the office!

Get your rock star on with our ruby red ‘Rockstar Red’ film, or maybe ‘Snow Leopard’ is more your style in classic black and white? Love ‘Luscious leopard’? Our gorgeously flirty leopard print might be just for you! A little Zebra’s more your go? ‘Zumba Zebra’ offers a classic zebra pattern with a safari roar! ‘Komic Kaptions’ will capture your imagination with a boom, crash and kapow! and our cheeky rainbow inspired cheetah pattern will coordinate with all your summer brights!

With easy to apply instructions and our unique cutting guides, adding some personalised soul to your soles is only a Stiletto Skin away! All you need is some scissors, a craft or stanley blade and around 10mins to turn your stilettos into designer statements of individual style!

Stiletto Skins Designer soles from SECRET WEAPONS – keeping you on your toes!

Instructions for use:

Preparation: Carefully clean the sole of your stiletto ensuring to remove all dirt, price tags and adhesive residue.

1. Place templates (printed on the inside side of packaging) over the sole of your shoe to determine if our standard cutting guides match your sole* and cut the template that best suits your sole.
2. Trace the cut template onto the paper backing of the Stilett oSkin. Reverse the pattern for the other shoe.
3. Carefully peel away backing paper. Starting in the arch of the heel, press the Stiletto Skin to your sole. Rub the Stiletto Skin firmly with your thumbs to avoid air bubbles and ensure maximum adhesion.
4. Trim away any excess** with a sharp craft blade or scissors as required and admire!
5. The result!

*If your sole shape is not represented by our cutting guides you can apply Stiletto Skins uncut and trim to your unique sole shape with a sharp craft blade or scissors.

**Please ensure you do not apply Stiletto Skins film on the ground-contacting portion of your sole.

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