Stick On Bra Questions!

Posted on January 26 2015

Stick On Bra Questions Answered!

We get lots of questions about our Nudi Bra  and Nudi Boobies stick on bras. We’re going to take some time to answer the most commonly asked questions about stick on, backless and strapless bras!

Question: Do you think the Nudi Bra adhesive stick on bra would stay put for 10-11 hours?  I have noticed that some stick on bras say not to wear them for more than 6 hours?

Answer: Our Nudi Bra adhesive bra and Nudi Boobies adhesive bra stay put until you remove them! Using medical grade adhesive, they stick to your skin when stored in their containers, free from dust, and are used as per their instructions.

Question: Will a Nudi Bra adhesive backless and strapless bra stick if I get sweaty? I’ve heard they can slide right off when you’re dancing?

Answer: Whilst we wouldn’t advocate running a marathon in your Nudi Bra stick on bra, when used correctly, any sweat generated when dancing shouldn’t penetrate the adhesive grip. We are yet to hear from any girls who report them “sliding off” on the dance floor!

Question: As a D cup, I don’t think stick on bras provide very much support. Are they designed for more generous busts?

Answer: We had so many requests from our D-cup clients for our Nudi Bra stick on adhesive bra, that we added a D-cup to our range. Our Nudi Bra Adhesive bra comes in A, B, C & D cups, to provide maximum support, cleavage and comfort. When using the correct size in the correct manner, you should experience sufficient support to ensure your comfort.

Question: I heard that the adhesive bra cups don’t actually provide any support, they just cover your boobs and give them an even shape. Without straps to fight gravity, how do they work?

Answer: They work extremely well and lots of our clients can’t get enough of them! Available in black and nude, our stick on bras are our best sellers for good reason! Not applying the bra correctly can result in less than optimal support and performance. We encourage you to carefully review the instructions on the box for the best fitting results. The further apart the cups the greater the support and lift.  And yes, you’re right, they do provide excellent coverage for your boobs, whilst evening out the shape and contour of your bust line.

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